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Nova Software Suite, intuitive and efficient, allows you to work in collaboration.
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Nova Trading System

Helps you to improve :

  • Physical and paper contracts
  • Storages
  • Deliveries & Nominations
  • Shipping
  • PnL, Risk, VaR
  • Treasury & Finance
  • Accounting
  • Business analysis

Nova Software Suite

Helps you monitor and improve :

  • Sales and Purchase contracts
  • Customers follow-up
  • User activities and planning
  • Documents and Emails storages
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

    IT Services

    Helps you monitor and improve :

    • Messaging and Collaboring tools
    • Remote access and teleworking
    • Security and cyberattacks
    • File storage and sharing
    • Backup and maintenance
    • Infrastructure: PC, server, LAN, WAN, VPN…
    • Phone and Smartphone integration 
    • Consulting and Project Management 
    Nova Trading System ETRM CTRM Solution

    70% of our customers’ needs are the same, but 100% of our customers are different.

    That’s why we offer customizable products and tailor-made advice to perfectly meet YOUR needs, with an excellent return on investment.

    With a pragmatic and evolutive approach, the Square Four team will assist you in your daily work and allow you to work more efficiently on your sites or in the Cloud.

    For who ?

    Energy Trading Company   Crude OIL, products, LNG, LPG, Methanol,etc

    Energy Trading Company

    Crude OIL, products, LNG, LPG, Methanol, etc 

    Soft Comodity Trading Company  Sugar, Rice, Corn, Ethanol, Coffee, etc

    Commodity Trading Company

    Metal, Sugar, Rice, Corn,

    Ethanol, Coffee, etc.

    Sociétés e-commerce, Fiduciaires, Gestionnaires de fortune

    Any business with IT needs

    E-commerce companies,


    Wealth management  

    Whatever the size of your company and your field of activity, on one or many sites, in one or more business units. Nova brings you solutions.

    Our customers talk about it the best

    Nova is the perfect tool for tracking your physical operations as well as your position on paper. It is user-friendly and reliable, versatile and suitable for any type of transaction. I recommend !

      Olivier Dechoux

    I have used Nova in 3 oil trading companies and this ERTM is really well designed and developed to meet all trading needs. […]
    I can only recommend NOVA and the efficiency of Square4!

      Didier Veron

    ETRM Nova, interfaced with our banks and our accounting, was a very good choice to effectively manage our activities, for strict financial controls and risk management. […]
    This investment allowed us to save money on labor.

      Laurent-Yan Payot 

    About Square Four…

    Square Four SA is a software publisher and an IT engineering company created in Geneva in 2001.

    The company is made up of business experts in the field of trading and business management, as well as a team of highly qualified IT engineers. 

    We do not sell products but bring solutions to your business. Our experts in the world of trading and business management, as well as our IT engineers will solve your problems.

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